The Putnam Amphora pictures the three Greek deities who represent the three genres of the three sections of this book: Athena who stands in the center represents the section of Essays as the goddess of wisdom; after all she was born from the head of Zeus as is portrayed in the East pediment sculptures of the Parthenon. To Athena’s right (viewer’s left) stands Apollo who represents the section of Poems as the god of Music (which in Greece included poetry), and to her left stands Dionysus who represents the section of Stories as the god of drama.

The sections progress from the most accessible and easiest to assimilate to the more difficult material, somewhat like the stages of life. Indeed, the stories are mostly about youth, while the poems span the period from maturity to retirement, and the essays are based on a lifetime of reflection. The more accessible essays probably are the last three; the first may be the most technical.

The book is available both in hard copy and in digital form as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, or from the author (for autographed hard copy: $20.00 covers postage too. Allan Wooley, 675 Hatton Hts., Morgan, VT 05853).

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